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Tips and Tricks for Plunge Fundraising

Want to take the Plunge but aren’t sure how to go about raising the money? We have some great tricks for you to use!

$150 in 7 days:

  1. Send and email to 3 friends asking for a $10 pledge (and convince them to take the plunge with you!)
  2. Send an email to 3 relatives asking for a $10 pledge
  3. Ask one parent and one sibling for $10 each
  4. Ask 2 neighbours for $10
  5. Ask 5 people at your local hang-out for $5 each
  6. Ask your best friend or significant other for $15 (they should join your team too!)
  7. Add your own personal contribution of $10.

Be a Plunge Champion!:

  1. Make a personal contribution of $25
  2. Ask 3 family members to match your contribution of $25
  3. Ask your best friend to sponsor you for $25
  4. Tell your boss about the corporate challenge and sponsorship opportunities
  5. Ask 5 friends to sponsor you for $10 each
  6. Ask 5 more friends to sponsor you for another $10 each
  7. Tell 5 businesses that you frequent about the corporate challenge and sponsorship opportunities
  8. Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for $10
  9. Ask 5 neighbours to sponsor you for $5 each
  10. Ask 10 people from your social circles to sponsor you for $10 each

Email Tag:

Include an email tag with the following icon to let people know about the plunge. You can even hyper link the image to your personal Plunge page.



Law Enforcement Torch Run is Special Olympics' largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle internationally. In Alberta, 18 agencies in 117 communities contribute to LETR efforts annually, not only with events, but as Guardians of the Flame ensuring the delivery of the Special Flame of Hope to the opening ceremony of Provincial Games and sending off our local athletes to National and World Games.

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